What is the DMV Network?

  • The DMV Network is a free-to-use social network built exclusively for the people of Washington DC, Maryland & Virginia. Our mission is to connect our community and provide a platform to support our local entrepreneurs/creatives.

Is it Free?

  • Yes, sign up for free anytime. Create your profile and wallah, it will appear in the search results on the network! As a member you can take advantage of our Member Discounts.

How do I get Featured/How does it Work?

  • Features in our Newsletters and Social Media accounts are hand picked from this website as well as from the #DMVnetwork hashtag. These features are free of charge and always creditted to the original poster. We also offer advertising opportunities for local businesses & events.
  • This website also serves a platform for free “self promotion” as you can freely post your photos, videos, music events etc on the network for other members & visitors to enjoy.

Advertising / Promotion (social media)

  • To advertise, click the the Advertise link from the menu and select a package. You will be redirected to submission form after payment (members get 20% off regular prices).

Event Services?

  • We offer event photography & promotion services, Red Carpet hosting, Graphic design services and more.
  • Members can post events to our Event Calendar anytime

For any other questions or comments, feel free to reach us at info@dmv.network

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